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Mackenzie Jervis is a writer currently living in Japan.  She lives with her husband, son, and daughter.  She writes speculative fiction as well as travel articles, and news pieces, mostly about her life in Japan.  She also writes the travel blog A Wandering Scribbler to document her love of travel, writing, and stationery.

Mackenzie is also the editor in chief of the Peregrine Kinship Travel Blog, a website dedicated to Travelers and Travel Advisors.  

When not writing, Mackenzie can be found reading, at the gym, out hiking, hunting for stationery or bookstores, or, most likely, getting her kids snacks.


A Wandering Scribbler

A Wandering Scribbler

A bookish travel blog about Japan, stationery, cozy coffee shops, and literary activities. 



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Creative Tokyo Book

Creative Tokyo

A Guide to Tokyo’s Best Stationery, Book stores, Art Shops, and Coffee Shops

Coming Soon.